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Corporate psychology & staff counselling

Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney offers employers flexible Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) with access to a professional network of Psychologists and Counsellors across locations in Sydney and on the Central Coast.

We are a supplier of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to business including local, national and international corporations as well as Government Departments. Our associates are experienced working with issues arising for junior employees through to CEO or Partner level personnel.

Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney offers a range of employee assistance counselling and psychologist services including:

• Trauma Counselling

Following armed hold ups, fatality or serious injury, verbal abuse, physical or sexual assault during the course of business.

• Staff / Employee Behaviour Management

The management of employees anger issues, aggression, violence, abuse, passive aggression or other inappropriate behaviours.

• Emotional Wellbeing

Counselling for employees emotional and mental health related issues including drug and alcohol related issues, anxiety or panic, depression, phobia, stress, relationship issues and a range of other emotional conditions.

• Corporate Training

Our staff training programs include a range of popular courses like stress management, managing difficult clients, team leadership & management skills and more. Read about our staff training packages here.

• Performance Improvement

Addressing staff issues of motivation, shyness, fears of public speaking, problems working in teams or independently.

We are experienced and equipped to offer your employees the assistance required for better mental health and toward further emotional development.

Our associates assist companies and their employees during situations of crisis or trauma, to support employees with career transition or life changes or to offer assistance toward a more fulfilling experience of life and employment for employee’s who may be experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.

Employers are free to chose the level of assistance they wish to offer and any prepaid, but unused sessions are refunded (with the exception of late cancellation or non attendance).

All of our associates are professional mental health workers with relevant experience and membership of relevant professional associations.

Please contact us at your convenience.

Further information for HR managers


Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney is a specialist provider of quality psychological services to individuals, couples and organisations. We operate as an affiliate network of highly competent and professional counsellors & psychologists dedicated to best practice in the betterment of our clients emotional wellbeing. We continue to offer excellence in employee assistance services to clients ranging from smaller companies to national corporations and federal government departments. We pride ourselves on the provision of personalised quality service in the Sydney area.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) offer your staff ready access to confidential and professional counselling (usually short term or to address a specific issue or concern). Our consultants have the expertise to address the full range of personal and work related issues that may arise for your employees. Moreover, we have experience working at all levels of your corporate structure be it customer service staff, manufacturing workers, management, director or CEO level.

In delivering our services we seek to complement any existing employee support services provided by your own HR department. Our services delivery favours neither employee nor employer. We offer a professional counselling service based on a neutral stance that favours toward the best practice management of emotional or mental health issues toward resolution. Moreover, we have often worked hand in hand with other EAP/CIM providers who offer complementary support services to our clients.

Subject to availability, our consultants work from locations across Sydney, including Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Western Suburbs, Hills District, Central Coast, Sutherland Shire, and Wollongong.

Our response time is designed to accommodate the urgency of your employees presenting concern. Generally we aim to offer appointments for general matters within 2-3 days. We aim to accommodate your employee’s preference for the counsellors location, appointment time and gender wherever possible.

You may wish to refer a particular employee with their agreement and with the goal of supporting the resolution of an identified issue, in which case we can assess and make best practice recommendations for care. Alternatively you can offer your employee’s access to self-referred services with a limitation to the number of sessions and with the possibility of incorporating our recommendations for treatment beyond the preset limits if required

Serious or Critical Incident Management (SIM/CIM)

Our associates offer professional trauma counselling. Our response capabilities range from initial assessment, debriefing, psycho-education and employee monitoring immediately following a critical incident to a more complete trauma counselling service following the onset of post traumatic stress disorder.

Our CIM services are limited to our Monday to Saturday business hours with consults held across most of our locations. Subject to availability we are available to attend on site.

Benefits to your organisation

It is becoming increasingly recognised that the provision of employee assistance programs lead to a general improvement in staff health, wellbeing and morale and that it demonstrates your commitment to being an employer of choice. Providing for your employees emotional wellbeing improves staff retention dramatically thereby reducing the cost of employee churn through burn out or other general conditions including employee stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and so on.


Our services such as general counselling and critical incident management are charged at a rate agreed with you, generally on a per consult or per group basis. Where your organisation requires materials for distribution to your staff, or general awareness sessions to be run, these are charged separately.


Our counsellors and psychologists must be registered in their state with a recognised counselling body such as the Australian Counsellors Association or be eligible for membership of the Australian Psychological Society.

Reporting & Confidentiality

All programs are governed by the national privacy principles contained in the counsellor’s membership bodies professional codes of conduct. Our reporting back to employers is limited to information about attendance and the provision of any further information back to the employer requires the written consent of the employee.

If you have any further questions regarding our EAP or Serious Incident Management services, please do not hesitate to contact us, and ask to speak to one of our Directors . We welcome your enquiry.

Further information on models, approaches and trends in Employee Assistsance & EAP can be obtained at the Employee Assistance (EAP) Professionals Organisation(USA) .

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Customer Reviews

We had some ongoing conflict in one of our departments that had become extremely toxic and it really required more support than our HR could provide. They gave a communication workshop that everyone took part in, and some employees were also able to speak with the psychologist individually. Some situations are truly better handled (and healed) with impartial, outside help. Excellent, professional service.

Rebecca N. December 9, 2021

We had a violent incident at our office and reached out to them for critical incident counselling. They were able to have someone onsite the next day. Feedback from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

Nance K. December 9, 2021

We are operating on a tight budget and were a bit hesitant about booking the Employee Assistance Program, but seeing what it has done to overall employee morale and well-being has made it worth every penny.

Neil T. December 9, 2021

Associated Counsellors did a Mental Health Workshop for our team. Engaging presentation with lots of great takeaways. This is now something we will offer regularly for incoming staff.

Sam L. December 9, 2021

Some of our employees embraced working from home, but for others it was a struggle. Making counselling available to them was a worthwhile investment. Highly recommend the employee assistance package.

Lynne C. December 9, 2021

We had a fatality at work and needed someone to support our team. Associated Counsellors sent someone to our office the next morning. The group was of great support and each of the team got to speak to the Psychologist individually afterward. We felt totally supported. Thanks.

Sara P. December 9, 2021

With the change to working from home a lot of our staff were feeling increasingly isolated. We called and were able to set up an employee assistance package the same day. Several staff members have individually reached out for counselling and feedback so far has been excellent.

Craig S. December 9, 2021