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Workers Compensation Workcover

If you have been injured in relation to your work on your journey to or from work, you may be eligible to receive Workers Compensation benefits under either the NSW Workcover scheme, or the Commonwealth Government’s ComCare scheme.

As a part of these schemes, you may be entitled to medical and related treatment in relation to your injuries. Such treatment may at your Doctors recommendation include Psychologist services.

If you have obtained a Workcover or ComCare medical certificate from your Doctor, and this includes a recommendation that you see a Psychologist, you can contact us to obtain these services.

In discussion with you, we will appoint an associated Psychologist to offer you treatment and we will seek approval for this treatment from your Workcover or Comcare insurer.

We have established relationships with many of the major Workcover & ComCare providers in NSW including Allianz Insurance and CGU. We will work with you and your insurer to assist in obtaining prompt assessment and treatment toward your psychological health.

If your treatment is being provided via Workcover or ComCare, you should be aware that the information collected during your assessment and treatment will be able to be accessed by your insurer and the Psychologist will be required to report back to your insurer about their assessment of your condition as well as your progress in treatment.

Under certain circumstances where you are experiencing general stress or other mental health issues not directly caused by your employer, your employer may also offer you employee counselling under and Employee Assistance Scheme. Check with your employer to see if you are covered.

Contact us. We have several Sydney office locations and offer after hours and Saturday appointments where available.

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