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We can help you find a Registered Psychologist or Counsellor in your area.

For treatment with a Psychologist, Medicare rebates apply if you have a special referral from your Doctor called a Mental Health Care Plan. For Counsellors rebates may apply with private health funds. ´╗┐Call us to find out more. 

Our Psychologists and Counsellors offer safe and effective treatment for stress, depression, anxiety, panic, anger management, grief, addictions, sexuality, issues with relationships, recent or childhood trauma, abuse and most other issues.

Please don't hesitate to call to discuss your issue in strict confidence.


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We have a highly skilled network of professional Couples Counsellors.

Marriage Counselling is a speciality skill which requires very different training to individual counselling. In couple counselling the therapist has to balance a focus on two parties and the dynamic between them, needs to know when to intervene and how to help each partner feel understood and communicate their needs clearly. 

Our Relationship Counsellors draw on advanced training with many working at supervisory level as leaders in their field. We can connect you with an experienced therapist.

Call us to find out more about the Couples Counsellors in your area, or feel free to a look at our relationship therapy page to read a little more about the therapy process.

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All of our associates are registered and insured to practice as clinicians. Professional registration ensures that our associates are bound by strict codes of professional conduct and ethical behaviour. 

Our associates are trained to a high professional standard and must be registered to as a Registered Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Mental Health Social Worker. 



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All of our associates work to help you develop greater self awareness and to make positive changes in your life. But there are many different ways to approach the sort of issues you might be facing. Some therapies are shorter term and others are longer term. Some are supportive and emotionally focussed and some are more practical and skills based. 

When you call, we can help you choose the right sort of therapy to address your concerns.


Counselling refers to a range of shorter term treatments. Counselling is designed to manage a specific problem, situation, symptom or life change. It includes methods like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or supportive therapy.


Psychotherapy is usually concerned with the restructuring of the personality or self and may involve more frequent and longer term treatment. It can help with long ranging emotional issues or repeated problems managing relationships or life satisfaction.


Couples Counselling is a specialist therapy. The therapist works with a couple to de-escalate conflict cycles and to re-establish connection. New solutions are found to old problems as partners  clarify communication by expressing underlying needs and emotions.   


We have an extensive library of online information free for your use on this site. Topics from our Psychological Health Article library include depressionanxietyrelationship counsellingpanicaddictionsanger managementbereavement or grief and many other issues. 

All of our articles are accessible from our main menu or by browsing this page; the content is original and delivered to educate you about mental health and well-being. 


We can arrange for a comprehensive range of Psychological Assessments including Court Reports , neuro psychological assessments including injury and compensation assessments, IQ or Intelligence tests and child assessment.


Employee Assistance Progam EAP

We are preferred suppliers to a number of Government Departments, Corporations and small to medium size local businesses under our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).  

Employee Assistance Programs, are arrangements between an employer and a service provider for the provision of psychological therapy for staff, training programs and manager support services.

If you are an HR or Business Manager looking for quality counselling for your staff, please call us and ask for the Director of Employee Assistance Programs. Alternatively, you may wish to read the information provided on our Employee Assistance page.

If you are a staff member and your employer has provided you with our details, please call our central booking number and we can arrange an initial appointment.

Online THERAPY on skype

For those unable to attend counselling in person, we now offer online therapy for most issues. Online counselling can be especially suited if you live in a remote or regional area, if you have a very busy schedule or are unable to attend our offices due to anxiety or agoraphobia.

You will be linked with a dedicated counsellor and the online therapy experience is very similar to our in rooms service and utilises the same techniques. Call us or send an enquiry from our booking form.


Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney offers access to psychology services under the NSW Workcover & Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme. If you are a case manager, or a client, please contact us and ask to speak to our Director of Workcover services. Alternatively, please read our Workcover and Insurance Psychology Services page.

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