Identify addictive behaviour related to substances like drugs and alcohol and activities like internet use, pornography consumption, gambling and more. Find out how counsellors, therapists and psychologists in the Sydney metropolitan area can help in overcoming these destructive patterns of behaviour.

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, the internet, pornography and/or masturbation afflicts Australians from all social, age and gender groups. Any kind of compulsive behaviour that becomes central in your life and over which you have little control and which you may continue to do despite negative consequences, is an addiction. You will find that the addictive behaviour overtakes your life, interferes with your work performance, negatively impacts on your relationships and result in many other negative consequences such job loss, relationship breakdown and bankruptcy. If you believe you may be developing an addiction, or have suffered from addiction to substances , sex, the internet or gambling, or even if you want to explore whether your behaviour is negatively impacting your life, you may benefit enormously from speaking to a professional counsellor, psychologist or therapist here in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Sadly, many addicts suffer in silence, sometimes because they are unwilling to admit the problem to themselves, at others times because of the social stigma associated with addictive behaviour. We strongly urge you not to let this happen to you. Attending therapy or counselling sessions as well as speaking to a Sydney Clinical Psychologist can give you speciailist help to overcome your problem behaviours and lead a more fulfilling life. (This article is electronically protected – Copyright © Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney PTY LTD)

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Alcohol & drug addiction

drug and alcohol addiction

Many people become addicted to alcohol without realising that it is negatively impacting their life, health and relationships. Addiction to drugs, also known as substance abuse, can be an addiction to both legal, prescription drugs, and/or illegal, recreational drugs (like Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Heroin, Ecstasy and many others). Substance abuse is one of the most difficult problems to afflict young and old Australians alike and the consequences can be detrimental if not life-threatening – not only to those who engage in this abuse but also for those whose lives are impacted by the user.

Binge drinking


Binge drinking is a behaviour that is not only common among young adults but also affects adults of all social groups. Because binge drinking can be seen as a ‘normal’ part of a night out or rationalised as occasional and not daily, many addicts fail to recognise the destructiveness of this activity on their lives.

Internet addiction

With the advent of internet access on hand-held devices like mobile phones, internet addiction is now, more than ever, a very serious epidemic in Australian society. Many of us now suffer from some level of compulsive email or Facebook checking, but for some of us the problem can be so serious that it can cut us of completely from our friends, family, children and a sense of engagement with the real world. (This article is electronically protected – Copyright © Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney PTY LTD)

Gambling addiction

help for problem gambling

Like drinking alcohol, we are socialised to see gambling as an activity that is part of our Australian culture and heritage. So much so, we may begin engaging in gambling activities at an early age and progress toward seriously destructive gambling habits at such an incremental pace that the development of the addiction might go by unnoticed until we face complete financial ruin.

Sexual addiction including pornography addiction

Sexual addiction afflicts men and women equally and can manifest in a number of ways. A sex addict may be addicted to masturbation exclusively, or to masturbation wtih the use of pornography and other autoerotic aids. A sex addict may be someone who frequents brothels and enlists the services of sex workers with unhealthy and self-destructive frequency and/or a sex addict may be someone who compulsively engages with sexual activities with multiple partners at a time, in inappropriate and sometimes even dangerous situations. Whatever the sex addiction, the addict experiences an inability to control their urges and compromises their health, their relationships with others and sometimes the health of their primary partners.

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"I realised I was looking for every chance to get drunk and high. The next day I was angry or irritable. Six months after starting to face facts and getting some help, I've reconnected with my family and friends in a way I never thought possible. Thank you."


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