Binge drinking

Binge drinking has become so wide spread in Australian culture that the Government recently announced over $50million in funding to combat this problem in our community.

In fact, pofessional counsellors and psychologists have long advocated that we need to educate people and give them a chance to change their drinking patterns before they or their loved one’s are hurt.

Quoting the Sydney Morning Herald article on the 10th of March 2008 in interview with the Prime Minister:

Mr Rudd said the strategy – which will also include early intervention to help individual teenagers with drinking problems – was designed to help parents, police and local communities deal with an “epidemic” of teenage binge drinking.

He was deeply concerned at surveys finding that one in every 10 people between ages 12 and 17 reported binge drinking or drinking at risky levels every week.

“When it comes to young people … the risk of bringing about fundamental damage, brain damage not to mention other health conditions, is very great indeed,” he said.

The evidence is mounting that in Australian culture, many people don’t recognise the real dangers they are placing themselves or their loved ones in until it is too late. The evidence has long been clear in stating that irreversible alcohol related brain damage is significantly attributable to the excessive drinking of alcohol. Moreover, a great proportion of domestic violence and other violent acts are attributable to excessive drinking.

Counsellors and Psychologists often hear their clients saying things like: “It was just what we did; after all, just about everyone goes to the pub after work or for the game and has five or more schooners. It just seemed like there couldn’t be anything wrong with it”. Tragically, with a culture of hard drinking and binge drinking being commonplace, you may not be aware of it being an issue until you have an accident or perhaps until your doctor diagnoses you with liver or brain damage. Perhaps it is your partner who eventually threatens to leave you after yet another blue when you come home drunk and act in ways that seem outside your control. With further information on over-drinking and the potential cost of drunkeness, we hope more people will access counselling or psychologist services to assist them and their families.

If you are concerned about the amount you are drinking, or if you notice that at times you can not stop once you get started, you may benefit from professional counselling or psychologist services. Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney is affiliated with a range of clinicians with a range of expertise including addictions counselling and counselling to address binge drinking issues.

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