Like most addictions, gambling addiction is a state where a person continues a certain behaviour to a harmful extent without being able to stop themselves from continuing. Whilst some levels of gambling (like some levels of alcohol consumption) can be perfectly enjoyable and socially acceptable, an excess of gambling can lead to addiction. Defining the point where a person considers themselves addicted can vary from regularly spending more money than one originally intended, to gambling away everything a person owns. Gambling Counselling is a proven an effective treatment for problem gambling.

counselling for problem gamblers

A person affected by gambling addiction may exhibit some, if not all, of the following symptoms:

•  Regularly gambling more money than originally intended, or losing control over the amounts gambled.
•  Losing control over the amount of time spent gambling.
•  Incurring debts to gamble.
•  Hoping and playing for the “big win” to solve the debts created by gambling.
•  Inability to stop gambling altogether.
•  Depression, sadness or moodiness as a result of not being able to gamble.
•  Boasting about winning to relive the excitement whilst denying or playing down losses which may, in fact, exceed the winnings.
•  Gambling in preference to other social events.
•  Neglecting friends, family and work to gamble.
•  Lying about gambling to hide losses.

Like other addictions gambling can be treated with professional counselling therapy as is commonly provided by registered Counsellors, Psychologists or Psychotherapists.

For more information on how to get the upper hand on your Gambling Addiction call Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney. We will refer you to a qualified Counsellor or Psychologist with experience in dealing with Gambling Addiction.

If you are unable to afford paid treatment, you could also contact the University of Sydney Gambling clinic who offer free treatment.


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