Associated Counsellors has been offering student counselling since 2009. Whether funded by your institution or student-funded, ACPS can offer a variety of options to support your students.

Why student counselling?

Student welfare should be a top priority for educational institutions as your students are at the heart of everything you do.
International students are in particular need of support due to studying away from their family and community support, and managing cultural and linguistic barriers.

Institution-funded counselling

This option provides all students the opportunity to access professional support services, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Your institution can cover the cost of a pre-determined number of counselling sessions each year. Fees would be charged per session used. There are no minimum charges, although we may charge a small establishment fee to set up your student counselling service, depending on the size of your institution.

You can choose one of two referral streams:

Anonymous Student Referral: Students can anonymously refer themselves to access our counselling service.

Student Services Referral: Students are required to request a referral from student services in order to access the service.

Self-funded counselling

We can offer an agreement for tertiary education institutions that are unable to fund counselling for their students, but still want to meet their student care obligations. An annual fee would apply to the establishment of such an agreement.

Student health insurance

In some cases, students may be able to fund their counselling via their travel or health insurance. We also provide services for international students holding a policy with GeoBlue International Health Insurance.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your students.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services dealing with wellbeing and mental health. Select from one of the options below for further details.