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Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder that causes frequent, urgent, and painful urination and pelvic discomfort.

Although interstitial cystitis is a physical disease, there are a number of emotional effects for the sufferer. In fact, like any pain in the body, the pain of IC automatically induces an emotional response. For many people, this response may be so significant as to cause distress which interferes with the person’s ordinary happiness, relationships or their ability to work.

Emotional costs

Many women may present with secondary symptoms of irritation, anger, worry, depression, anxiety and chronic stress related conditions in response to both the ongoing pain and interruptions in ordinary functioning which result can result from interstitial cystitis. Difficulty with sexual function can be significant and there may be mounting concern about the effects on an established relationship or the prospects of forming a new relationship.

Isolation & lack of support

Person’s with IC may also feel unable to speak with their friends or relatives about their condition. Moreover, family or friends may not have the skills to assist you to deal with the complex challenges that such a condition presents. Attending counselling with a counsellor or psychologists trained in women’s health issues may assist you with the secondary or emotional issues related to having a chronic health condition as well as assisting you in planning for your ongoing self care.

Counselling options

Finally, counselling with a counsellor or psychologist who is trained in and sensitive to women’s health issues may also assist you (and your partner) in working towards a more fulfilling sex life, which is as free as possible from pain and discomfort given your condition, and which integrates both partner sexual and personal needs.

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