Telephone counselling can be a great way to get valuable help in circumstances where you might not otherwise be able to access our services.

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Telephone Counselling

Sometimes face to face counselling is just not possible. That’s when telephone counselling or online counselling can be of help.

Telephone counselling or online counselling is ideal if you:

  • live in regional or remote parts of Australia
  • are an Australian expat living overseas
  • are unable to travel due to physical restrictions
  • have a busy work schedule
  • suffer from agoraphobia *see note below

Phone counselling bookings & sessions

All you need is a quiet, uninterrupted space from which to conduct your counselling session. Our counsellors are located in Australia. Sessions are pre-booked and usually run for 50 minutes. Usually the counsellor will call you at the appointed time. Sessions are pre-paid before the session commences, usually by bank transfer.

When you call you receive access to the same high quality, professional service we offer in our consulting rooms, with a registered counsellor or psychologists.

Your session is completely confidential and your counsellor is bound by professional codes of conduct.

Conditions not suited to phone counselling

Unfortunately our telephone counselling service is not suited to all clients and situations. It is unlikely that our service is the right one if you are:

  • experiencing severe depression,
  • are at risk of suicide,
  • are experiencing domestic violence,
  • are heavilly dependent on drugs or alcohol, or
  • have severe eating disorders.

If you feel at risk of suicide you should call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or go to

For specialist help with domestic violence please call 1−800 RESPECT (737-732) or visit

Please contact our office to discuss your condition and your suitability for our telephone counselling service.

* To ensure that an agoraphobic condition is suited to phone counselling we need to discuss the requirements of phone counselling for agoraphobia with you. We can discuss this when you call or email.

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