Depression Test - Beyond Blue

Answer yes or no to the following questions
Felt sad, down or miserable most of the time?
Lost interest or pleasure in most of your usual activities?
Lost or gained a lot of weight? OR Had a decrease or increase in appetite?
Had some sleep disturbance?
Felt slowed down, restless or excessively busy?
Felt tired or had no energy?
Felt worthless? OR Felt excessively guilty?
Had poor concentration? OR Had difficulties thinking? OR Were very indecisive?
Had recurrent thoughts of death?

Please answer all questions!

Your Score

You have answered yes to question(s)

5 or more = Likely to have a depressive illness

4 or less = Unlikely to have a depressive illness

This is the same checklist sent to every household in NSW as part of the national depression initiative – beyondblue .

Remember that depression is a treatable illness just like other health related conditions. Depression is common and it is not a weakness. Many people suffer unnecessarily missing out on true enjoyment from life. If you would like help getting on top of your depression and to reclaim the joy in your life, contact us.

Our psychologists & counsellors are trained therapists who are here to help.

Quick facts

Depression is a widespread mental health condition in Australia – according to beyondblue , the national depression initiative, over 1,000,000 Australians live with depression.

Depression is treatable – best results are achieved when counselling therapy is included in the treatment regime.

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