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• Major changes to your life or lifestyle can have a significant effect on your emotional and psychological well-being.

• Significant change can sometimes lead to depression.

• Counselling can help you cope with major change and overcome feelings of depression.

Major Life Change

Major changes to your life or life-style can sometimes lead to depression or feelings of dissatisfaction or dullness. Major life change, particularly if the changes are dramatic and/or unexpected, takes us out of our comfort zones, often towards an uncertain future. And when we feel we have lost a way of life that was familiar to us we may feel overwhelmed and sad. These feelings can then develop into a more entrenched sense of hopelessness, helplessness and depression.

What constitutes a major life change?

A major life change is anything that impacts on your life or lifestyle in a significant way. It may be a seemingly positive change, and one you planned, or it may be a negative or entirely unexpected changes. It may not seem so significant to others, but it will be, for whatever reason, significant to you. Examples include:

• Sudden job loss
• Moving interstate or overseas
• The end of a long-term relationship
• The loss of a loved one
• The diagnosis of a terminal illness or other significant illness
• An operation or accident that leaves you immobile or in pain, even for a short period

What is depression?

All the life changes listed above will, necessarily, have a dramatic affect on the way you live your life and the person you are used to being. Undoubtedly, such changes will cause sadness, anxiety, fear and even anger. For many of us, these feelings will dissipate as we come to terms with the major life change and adjust our lives and expectations. But for others, the changes may seem (or indeed rationally be) too difficult to bear and such feelings may not dislodge so easily. Even with the support of family and friends, depression might take hold.

Depression is more than just feeling a bit down, or feeling sad about an experience or situation. Depression tends to affect your core, and leaves you feeling flat, lifeless and unable to enjoy any aspects of your life. A little bit of depression or melancholy, in response to any of the major life changes listed above, would be entirely reasonable and probably expected. (This article is electronically protected – Copyright © Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney PTY LTD) But if you find that, after a few weeks or months, you can’t lift yourself from that feeling, you may be suffering from a depressive episode.

Why would I become depressed after a major life change?

Different people have different ways of reacting to or dealing with major changes affecting their lives or lifestyles. Sometimes, even generally optimistic people can lose their positive outlook on life when they get dealt a series of difficult circumstances, in succession. It is a normal human reaction to be disheartened by the loss of familiar spaces, relationships and routines and it is also likely that depression may develop as a result.

When we become depressed our ability to logically process information becomes impaired. We are more likely to see things in negative light, when normally we might not. This creates a depressive cycle – because once depressed, our ability to see the positive side of change is diminished and we create a false consciousness about our circumstances. (This article is electronically protected – Copyright © Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney PTY LTD)

How can I get help?

Talking to a professional counsellor or psychologist can help you understand your depressive mood and recognise the causes behind it, and provide sound and progressive steps to help you repair your emotional capacity. A trained therapist is also an excellent source of support – which can be of particular value when your world feels like it has fallen apart or is rapidly changing. Therapy can help you cope better with a major life change. (This article is electronically protected – Copyright © Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney PTY LTD)

If you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed by the major changes taking place in your life, and would like to book a consultation with a qualified counsellor, psychologist or therapist, contact Associated Counselors & Psychologists Sydney today.

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