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Adults abused as children

People who are abused during childhood are often presented with psychological difficulties later in life. These symptoms can be confusing or distressing and may interfere with establishing healthy and lasting relationships.  There is strong evidence to support counselling as an effective therapy when provided by professional Counsellors and Psychologists. If this information relates to you and you are interested in finding out more about counselling services, please feel free to contact Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney.

The experience of abuse

The experiences of abuse and symptoms vary for each person, and not everyone will experience all the symptoms listed below. However, common symptoms of child abuse which arise in adulthood include:

•  Low self-esteem
•  Strong feelings of insecurity or fear in close relationships,
•  Difficulty developing healthy, long-term relationships
•  Anxiety, panic, depression, or recurrent suicidal thoughts
•  Eating disorders
•  Recurring thoughts or memories of past abuse
•  Difficulty expressing or controlling anger
•  Sexual or emotional promiscuity
•  Alcoholism or excessive drinking
•  Trust issues
•  Drug abuse
•  Self-blaming
•  Mental dissociation or “spacing out” from certain situations
•  Self-inflicted physical harm
•  Seeking abusive relationships

If you feel that some of the above symptoms apply to you, you may wish to seek counseling treatment from a Psychologist or Counsellor trained in working with survivors of abuse, in order to help you resolve the issues underlying your symptoms.

To enquire about professional counselling by qualified Counsellors & Psychologists in Sydney call Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney. We welcome your enquiry.


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