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Back in 2009, Associated Counsellors was interviewed by The Australian newspaper about a story on Female Bullying in the Workplace. At the time, there was a sense that bullying behaviour was a masculine affair – criticisms and put-downs, yelling, aggressive behaviour, even the odd punch up – but since that time, there has been much discussion about the propensity for females to engage in bullying behaviour. The female workplace bully is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a different bea ... read more
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In today’s tech savvy world, it probably comes as no surprise that there now exists a range of ‘apps’ to motivate and assist people to improve aspects of their mental health.Imood Joural is a mood diary that helps you uncover things about yourself – the way you think or why you behave in certain ways in certain situations – which you might otherwise miss. It does this first by asking you to rank your mood (from downright terrible on the low side, to ecstatic on ... read more
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Back in March, approximately 1 million Australians tuned in to Channel 10 to watch the first episode of the latest Biggest Loser series. It is perhaps timely therefore, that earlier this week, on 6 May, we saw the celebration of International No Diet Day – an awareness campaign directed towards a healthy body image and acceptance of the diversity of our body shapes. The premiere International ‘No Diet’ Day event occurred in 1992 when it was established by the Diet Breaker ... read more
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A few posts ago we discussed concerns about changing definitions of grief in the upcoming revised edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5). But it seems that grief is not the only thing that has got the mental health care community up in arms. Expanding definitions of mental health diagnoses generally may well be cause for concern. Mental health practitioners worry about over-diagnosis, mislabelling and the risk of excessive or unneeded treatment. However, ... read more
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Despite greater public awareness of mental health issues, and the prominence of mental health organisations such as Beyond Blue and LifeLine, those people actually suffering from mental health problems still carry with them a great stigma, a recent report has found. The international study, published online by the American Journal of Public Health, found that whilst society now generally accepts mental illness a medical disease, individuals with mental illness are still stigmatized and vie ... read more
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