Dan Auerbach - MPACFA EFT-C


Dan Auerbach is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, a Certified Emotionally Focussed Therapist for Couples and the Founder and Co-Director of Associated Counsellors & Psychologists. He also provides leadership and executive coaching to CEOs and senior leaders.

Dan has extensive experience working in mental health. For nearly two decades he has consulted to individuals as a Psychotherapist in private practice and then developed a specialisation as a Relationship Therapist.

In 2002 Dan founded the private practice network ‘Associated Counsellors & Psychologists’ with a vision of providing the public with better access to a choice of counsellors and psychologists. The network is now represented at over 40 NSW locations, capital cities in Australia and online.

Dan also consults to organisations and government departments on mental health in the workplace. He is the founder of ‘Associated Employee Assistance Providers’ – a full service organisational psychology provider with several hundred member organisations.

As a Psychotherapist working with individuals

Dan is a Clinically Registered Psychotherapist with PACFA.

For nearly two decades Dan has worked as a Psychotherapist with a focus on addressing client’s long standing personal issues.

While some clients may have experienced early trauma or other clear contributors to their current difficulties, other clients present simply with a vague awareness that life is not satisfying. Some have come to realise that they are repeating patterns of relating which they fear will prevent them from being happy. Client’s may also present to therapy with feeling of anxiety or worry, an inability to engage or connect with their own life or purpose, difficulty with sex, food, drugs, relationships generally and so on.

Working in partnership, Dan works with clients to closely track their experience. His aim is to help them access their emotions more fully and to help them process stuck emotion and self limiting beliefs. Dan understand emotion as an interplay of unconscious appraisals of a situation, thoughts and feelings which he hopes to make more accessible and comprensible in his work. The overarching goal is to promote the client’s ability to form and maintain satisfying relationships and to become more engaged and productive in their own lives. Symptoms like worry or flatness or substance use often also remit following this approach.


As a Relationship Therapist 

Dan is a Certified Emotionally Focussed Therapist for Couples.

Dan has a strong interest in couples therapy and for the past number of years has worked using the model of Emotionally Focussed Therapy for Couples. He has worked with couples who present with frequent conflict, those who have lost their connection and are distant, or those who are coping with new stresses such as adjusting to parenting, financial difficulties, infidelity, addictions, recent bereavement and so on.

His way of working is to first help the couple track the way in which they get stuck in their pattern of disconnection. In other words, the couple become partners in exploring the patterns that reinforce their conflict or distance pattern. Most couples experience relief very quickly as they realise the way they get caught with each other is repetitive and that for both partners, the conflict is about the stress of their disconnection from each other. The second phase normally commences as partners learn to tap into their deeper emotional experiences and the couple learn to bring these experiences to each more directly, free of reactivity. The clear sharing of emotion has a powerful impact on drawing others near and couples often experience that years of disconnection give way to a renewed sense of hope. In the final phase of therapy, clients find new solutions to old problems.

Company Director & Organisational Consultant

With Degree qualifications in Commerce and a prior career in business, Dan’s is uniquely qualified to promote access to psychological therapy for the consumer marketplace as well as organisational clients. His vision of providing consumers with a choice of clinician based on their preferences for therapeutic style and location lead to emergence of Associated Counsellors & Psychologists.

He then expanded this offer to organisations providing quality psychological therapy to employees. The Associated Employee Assistance Providers company was founded and soon expanded its services to become a full service organisational psychology consultancy. Those services now include critical incident response, coaching, psychological assessment, training, wellbeing programs and staff counselling.

Dan regularly consults to workplaces on a range of organisational challenges and opportunities drawing on a vast network of consultants, trainers and counsellors.


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