April 2013

Sleep disorders causing sleep deprivation are well known to cause range of physical problems, including such things as weight gain and diabetes [1]. And it is clear that emotional issues – such as low mood, anxiety and stress – are commonly associated with troubled sleeping patterns, including insomnia. But a correlation has now been made between sleep problems and depression which strongly suggests that young women with sleep problems are at a greater risk of developing depressi ... read more
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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is used by psychiatrists, psychologists and professional counsellors in the United States as a classification manual for the diagnosis of mental health disorders. The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported concern on recently proposed changes to the DSM. Specifically, the new version of the DSM seeks to equate aspects of grief with depressive illnesses in a move which has some psychiatrics expressing grave concern. The concer ... read more
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